A Fund Raiser For Your Church

“Dramatic Desserts Theater Tour”

Power Production Ministries, Inc., which started in 1992, set out with a single mission of using the arts of drama and music to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over the past twenty years, we have seen a decline of drama in our local churches and churches all over our nation.  We want to rekindle the use of the arts for evangelism in our community of churches, and in the process, get to know each of our local church communities better.     Therefore, we are offering a fund-raising opportunity to you and your church:  Dramatic Desserts, a dessert theater featuring elegant desserts, coffee, and tea, followed by several dramatic comedy and awe-inspiring skits/sketches performed by Power Productions and selected members of your church.   Proceeds of the event are split evenly between your church or youth group and Power Productions.  In most cases, we handle most of the production costs and only ask that your church and its members get involved. 

 It is our hope that not only can we help your church raise money, but that we can get to know you better and help rekindle the use of drama and music to aid in the Great Commission of spreading Christ’s Gospel Message.

To schedule Dramatic Desserts Theater at your church or Christian organization, please call us at  410-548-2340 or email us at mail@powerpm.org