Power Production Ministries, Inc. is an inter-denominational Christian theater group whose sole mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through plays, monologues, skits, music, and children’s presentations.  We have several large plays that we present as well as smaller skits.  To have Power Productions come to your church or event, please feel free to contact us.  Our goal is to get as many churches and Christian organizations involved as possible to support unity in the Delmarva community.

Feeling a strong call to develop Christian drama on the Delmarva Peninsula and recognizing the need to present the Gospel in a format that will attract the unchurched, Power Production Ministries was started in 1992 by Dean DeFino.  Using a small inheritance from his recently deceased mother, he purchased equipment and began developing an original Christian musical in her memory.  The result was “The First Martyr”, produced and presented in various locations throughout the region.  It’s powerful and touching message has blessed the lives of many and has become the flagship production of the company.  Since then the ministry has produced several large musical productions, plays, children’s musicals and monologue parables.    It presents Christian music as well as using its talents in helping local churches put on their own theatrical productions.  It is reaching out to churches and individuals of all faiths and denominations to lift up the name of Christ.